Friday, June 03, 2005

Carms Books

Book 16 "The Justice Game" Geoffrey Robertson

So I left my lil fantasy world for a while and read a real life thingy. It was good. You may remember Mr Robertson from the show we had here in Aus called Hypotheticals. I thought at that time that he was stupidly intelligent, after reading this book, I'm quite sure that the man is a freakishly smart guy. This book is basically a legal autobiography. he goes through some of his more entertaining and relevant cases from the point where he started at the bar in the 70's through til the middish 90's. He covers the public morality trials from the 70's, blasphemy and some dodgy cover ups in the 80's and goes through to the gulf war and issues of friendly fire. He also talks about cases he has tried throughout several other commonwealth countries.

The most amusing thing about this book is that Geoffrey Robertson had every intention of becoming a tax and broker lawyer - what a waste that would have been.

THis book was a very good read, funny, entertaining, and really very thoughtful and insightful into the issues facing the law from the 70's through to now.

Bloody good, 5 robed up lawyers out of 5.


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