Sunday, April 30, 2006

Book 9 1/2

"Don't Stand Too Close To A Naked Man" by Tim Allen

If you've never read a book by a stand-up comedian, I recommend it. I've read both of Paul Reiser's books and most of Drew Carey's (I lost it halfway through. Must find a copy somewhere) and enjoyed them a lot. The text is usually delivered like a, and I know this sounds redundant, a written monologue. You get little blocks of narrative on different topics that aren't always directly related, but are usually quite funny.

Allen's book is very funny and at times extremely honest. He does talk - briefly - about his gaol time and when he does he is surprisingly open. Making jokes, as he does, about all manner of serious subjects, the candour wiith which he describes how going to gaol has effected his life is refreshing from someone who I have always seen as affected - albeit in a humourous and engaging way.

The rest of the novel is what you would probably expect, with much on the differences between men and women, powertools and the all important Great American Car [TM]. I was frequently surprised by the intellect behind the writing, as well as the polish and pace of it. As my previous statement will suggest, I had bought into the "Tim Allen is a macho, amusing twit" stage persona, and while I'm not expecting him to be honoured by the Nobel Council any time soon, I do now think he's at least able to string three cogent sentences together.

Check this one our. It certainly doesn't overstay it's welcome, and it is a very funny book.

Three and a half "more power" grunts out of five.


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