Friday, March 03, 2006

2006 Book 3 1/2

"Thud!" by Terry Pratchett

How happy was I when I finally snagged this one from my Dad? Very happy!. New Pratchett and it adds to my 50 book tally? Get me more of that!

Another Guards book and this one is a beaut. The basic storyline is the usual shenanigans between Dwarfs and Trolls, this time mainly focussing on a big anniversary of the Battle Of Koom Valley. It's getting so the Dwarfs and Trolls might just re-enact the battle on the streets of Ankh Morpork and that is something that Vimes and the gang are not happy about. So it's up to the City Watch to find out who murdered an important Dwarf before things get really exciting.

The writing in this, as in almost every Pratchett book I've read, is phenomenal. The need of Vimes to get back home by 6 o'clock to read to his son (a picture book called "Where's My Cow" for which Vimes has learned to do the sounds of the animals) is an underlying theme, as is the notion of racial intolerance. The book overflows with humour (as you would expect) and action (as we're getting used to) and has a few truly awesome sequences. I won't actually describe any of them, because that would spoil it, but suffice it to say you should all go out and read this book. And if you haven't already read much Pratchett, go out and get as much of it as you can.

Four and a half fighting-breads out of five.


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