Sunday, March 14, 2004

Onward and upward...

Well met,

And how are we all doing today? Since last we met I've been a little busy with one of the most socially-active 48hr periods in my life. Friday was a generic BBQ with Carmen's friends, followed on Saturday by - in order - a curry lunch at my Mum and Dad's (with various friends), a house-warming for another couple of friends, actually held in Glebe Park across the street from their apartment because said apartment is too small to have more'n about 6 people in it and then a very sedate, mixed-gender Buck's night for another friend. So what does this say, other than I'm making the brave claim that I have more then four friends? Have ye noticed that social events are cowards?

They only ever come at you in groups, choosing to overwhelm and attack you en masse, leaving you with fun choices. Choices like; 'How long do I spend here?' 'Who will be at which event so who should I invite to go with me?' 'I've got four birthdays in three days for people, how much should I spend on gifts?'. and there's no textbook or etiquette manual that tells you these things. I don't think I'm going anywhere with this, I just wish that things could be easier.

In response to Graham's threat of legal action with the name of my Blog, I would like to point out that while he may have used the name first in a public forum, it was definitely as a wind up aimed at me. I've been getting variations on Euan Bowen (my actual name) all my life, and Evan Bowman was one of the versions that pissed me off the most. I think it was because when I wrote "Euan" on the form, I underlined the "U" on the form and wrote "this is a 'u', as in 'uniform'" and they still spelled my name wrong!. Is there such a word as vniform? I specified the freakin' letter, for God's sake! *ahem* Anyhoo, bring on the lawyers, buddy. My girlfriend graduates with her Arts/Law degree in just 8 short months. :)

Four things I learned recently

  1. If you think rock-climbing is difficult, try doing it upside down.

  2. People spend most of their adult lives denying it, but farts really are funny.

  3. Five minutes each side is enough to perfectly poach a Rainbow trout in coconut milk.

  4. 1.5ltrs is a good size for a stubbie of Grolsch.


"You shot Church, you team-killing fucktard!"
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