Thursday, February 17, 2005

KoTOR (Contains swearing)

Finally finished Knights Of The Old Republic and I gotta say, despite the hundreds of awesome things the game has going for it, the final level shat me to tears!

I understand the need to make the Big Bad[TM] at the end of the game very tricky, and I also understand the need to have a specific way of dealing with him/her that involves a knack or a doing of certain things at certain times, but when beating the villain literally requires timing down to the last second, maybe having a control system that overrides your selected action whenever you encounter something to interact with, and then littering the fucking level with things that have to be interacted with but once you've done them once you can ignore them but THEY STILL OVERRIDE THE FUCKING CONTROLS... *ahem* All I'm saying is maybe you should be able to ignore them once you've done what you have to do. And you should also not have the player's character randomly stop doing what she/he's and just fucking stand there for a few seconds like a fucking pudding to be cut down by the Big Bad[TM]. That's all I'm syaing


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