Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

A quick interruption of my (albeit very gradual) catch up with an account of last week, the main feature of which was my birthday!

The fun started, however, on Wednesday with a "bring in something and share it" lunch at work (not specifically for my birthday, of course, just cause). I made pizza dough and pizza sauce the night before and brought them in. The room we had the lunch in has a real oven in it, and so I cooked fresh pizza and it was a hit! The other foodies in the group were most impressed, as was the Deputy Registrar! :)
The other stuff that was brought it was fantastic too. One of the ladies gave us home-made tandoori chicken and god it was good! Also, Keir made a fig and raspberry cake thing that was amazing. Lots of yummy goodness!

Then, came Thursday the 9th of March and my birthday!!! It was a great, skivy day! I got to work late (cause I had X-rays of my teeth to pick up, more on that later) and my desk had been birthdayed by Shellie. It was a mild birthdaying, but there was still a banner and presents (a couple of little LoTR figures from Shellie and a wind-up walking Stegosaurus from Meredith. Then I had a long lunch at Babar's with some of the gang where I had pork ribs in a coca-cola sauce and they were frickin' gorgeous. Tender and tasty. After lunch I knocked off early and lazed at home until Carmen got back and gave me her pressie (which was Serenity on DVD and 2000 watt cafe sandwich press) and Mum and Dad took us (and Cal) out to dinner. We went to Four Rivers Sichuan in Dickson. The food was great - especially the roast duck in spicy beer sauce - but the service was a little... um... patchy. Don't get me wrong, they were perfectly polite and very friendly, but when Cal asked for a Scotch and ice, it seemed to confuse them for a good couple of minutes. Kinda funny.

On Friday me and the intake gang had lunch at the Hellenic club. The cool thing is that Monday is Tash's birthday (and yesterday was Shellie's), so friday's lunch was for Tash's and my birthday. We gave Tash a bright, bright orange fountain pen from Pepe's papiery and the gang gave me a Darth Tater and a Spud Trooper. Very cool! :)

A great week and my birthday celebrations aren't even over, cause this Saturday we're going paintballing, and that'll rock!!


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