Thursday, February 03, 2005

Book 6

"Sorceress Of Darshiva" by David Eddings

And the Mallorean keeps plodding along, at times crackling and pacy, at others distracted by it's own intricate plotting. The characters remain the primary reason I'm still reading them, especially the growth of Durnik as he learns to be a devious bastard and Sadi and Silk's double act of sneakiness. Also, this is the book that had Carmen asking me if I'd read "the bit where Durnik does his thing" yet, and when I did read it I was well impressed. Very cool.

I do think that maybe the Grolim machinations could've been either toned down or explained over more of the book. Getting the run down in a major chunk in the middle got a little bit confusing, and - again - Mr Eddings needs to realise that we now understand that sorcery makes 'noise' other sorcerers can hear and feel, so he doesn't need to rub our noses in it every time.

3.5 out of 5 again, this time with an extra half for Durnik "doing his thing".


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