Sunday, January 30, 2005

Busy weekend.

So I'll divide it into of sections.

I. The Wedding

Which was in Bowral and a whole bunch of fun. The marriage-y bit only went for about 30 minutes and was - like the Bride's dress - a triumph of simplicity and substance over flashy design and redundant additions. The sun made sitting outside waiting for the wedding to start a little uncomfortable, but the brevity of the ceremony meant that we could manage. As for the reception, the food was good. Although the catering was a little light for the chicken legs, there was a shitload of this pasta salad with pinenuts and bacon and stuff, and the dessert included profiterole, so I was happy. The music was fun, and Carmen and I did both jointly and individually cut a rug. We even managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour, allowing us plenty of tme in the morning to get breakfast at a café in Bowral and leading us smoothly into...

II. Bowral

Which is an awesome wee town. The main drag has about a thousand restaraunts of various kinds (including African, fer cryin' out loud) and many groovy stuff shops. There's also a very good café called Palate Pleasures where we had an excellent and inexpensive breakfast and some really top notch coffee. We then wandered around the stuff shops, found the coolest lolly shop in the history of existence and I bought a book.

The motel/lodge thingy we stayed at was very nice. The room was cheap-ish ($98), but exceedingly comfy with it's own kitchenette thingy (well, a sink, a fridge and a microwave) and some really efficient air conditioning. It was also right next door to a golf course and country club where, upon our arrival on saturday, we had a drink and a great steak sandwhich. We also watched some golfers with varying levels of skill, and saw more than a couple of balls disappear into the dam. I think we're definitely going to have to go back there for a weekend or two.

III. The Drive

Although hot, it actually wasn't too bad. No one tried to kill me, and despite missing a turn off on the Hume Highway, we managed to get home in one piece.

IV. The Sad News

Today marked the passing of Agamemnon the goldfish. He will be missed by his hetero-lifemate Squishy and his Little Brothers(TM) Jake and Elwood.


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