Thursday, February 24, 2005

Moral dilemna.

Or, at least, a potential moral dilemna. I have a package waiting for me at the Narrabundah post office. Now, it's possible it is my new XBox power cord, given that mine could potentially explode into a ball of fiery death. Or something[1]. However, it is also possible that someone bought me a birthday present online or something and had it shipped directly to me. If it is a birthday present, am I allowed to open it now or do I have to wait until the 9th? Is it a case of "yippee! Early prezzies!!" Or is it one of "D'oh! Now I have to stare at the unopened box for 2 weeks".

I throw it open to the floor; What should I do?

Of course, using my friends for a moral compass may illicit some amusing results, but what the heck.

[1] Not that it's really my problem at this exact moment, what with Matt and I having swapped our consoles so I can play GTA:San Andreas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Step 1: Pick it up.

Step 2: The openability of early gifts (if such it is) is largely determined by the identity of the giverator. You'll know when you see who it's from whether you can safely open it or not.

Step 3: Who cares? Open it anyway. Who's gonna stop you? You are the master of your own destiny! Forge your fate with reckless materialism! Etc.

12:52 PM  

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