Monday, February 21, 2005


Check this shit out!

You'll need to read down to the "News" bit and click on the link for 10-08-04. Yes, I know it's taken me six months to find this out, but it's still awesome!

For those that can't follow the link, the story I had published in "Elsewhere" recieved an Honorable Mention in Datlow and Windling's "Year's Best Fantasy and Horror". As far as I can tell, the collection features a bunch of stories by prominent authors (this year including Terry Dowling and some other names I half-recognise) as well as a refence section that looks at what happened during the year in various fields. It also includes the Honorable Mentions bit where my story is, well, mentioned. It's not actually in the book, what with my not being, y'know, Neil Gaiman or anything, but it is mentioned. Yippee!!!!


Anonymous Bobbi said...

Hi there Euan,

Congratulations on your Honourable Mention.



6:27 PM  

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