Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Carmen's Books Again!

So here we are again, and I have another two to add!

Book 10 "The Skull of the World" by Kate Forsyth

So, we're back with Isabeau in this one and she really comes into her own. She get's her true name, finds her true Talent and basically kicks a bit of ass in her fantastically witchy way. We also meet some of the Fairgean the 'evil' sea swellers who the people of Eileanan are at war with, and the Righ and Banrigh (Isabeau's twin) just keep on kicking ass - sometimes getting somewhere, sometimes really not.
This series is really quite good, adn this book was right up there,

4 Talented witches

Book 11 "The Fathomless Caves" by Kate Forsyth

Well we've finally reached the end of the series, now I'll have to wait for book two of her second series to come out!! The war against the Fairgean get's fought, loads of people die, include some of those we've grown to know and love over the previous five books (not telling though!!) So inevitably I cried a lot. Isabeau is now a very powerful sorceress, everyone is seriously sick of fighting, but by the end some conclusions and compromises are met in many different areas. This was a top notch series of books and I'm a bit sad there were only six. But, on with the challenge!!

5 of those fab witches from the coven



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