Thursday, December 22, 2005

Now I am the Master...

That's right, people, I done graduated again! This time I got a funky blue hood with silver lining. The music was better than the last 2, but the speeches were decidedly average. The Graduant who had to give a small speech wasnae that bad, she was just very nervous and so spokewaytofastsoyoucouldbarelymakeoutherwords. And the main speaker was... well... crap.

She was supposed to be this big PR mucky-muck, but her speech was equal parts depressing - all you journalists will never get a job because the face of journlism is changing, all you PR and communications people will never get a job because what you studied is irrelevant - and just random. Imagine a speaker talking about subject A. Then subject G. Then subject 8. Then subject &. All without clear segues or even any apparent structure. Very disappointing. Still, I think that proves Carmen's theory that your first Grad is always your best.

Mine certainly was, with Julie McRossin (sp?) as our speaker. And Carmen had Justice Kirby as her speaker, so that just helps cement the theory.

So I'm glad I've got another piece of paper, but I sure hope my PhD has better speakers.


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