Sunday, March 19, 2006

There he is! *thoomph* *splat* OW!!!

Yesterday saw me continuing and culminating the celebrations for my birthday.

During the day, we headed out to Paintball Sports for a day of fun and carnage. With 16 people heading out, we had good-sized teams that were - for the most part - evenly matched. It was amusing that all three couples that were in attendance (myself & Carmen, David C & Emily and Iain & Leia) shared the opinion that couples should be split up, so we put all the girls in one team and all the boys in the other. The basic breakdown of the teams was: Armbands; Carmen, Sass, Leia, Barry, Nick Akhurst, Emily, Owen and Juanio from Gaudi. Non-armbands were myself, Callum, Leila, David, Iain, Nick Linehan, Sam IV and Gaudi Sam. Good, even teams that made for an awesome day. There was no aggro. All right, there was minimal tetchiness that was dealt with quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

It really was one of the better days of paintball we've ever done. Everyone had fun, no one recieved any lasting wounds (although some of us are a bit sore today), and the Bunny Hunt was a lot of fun. The refs were especially cool, giving lots of advice and assistance to people while they were pinned down or in a position to move forward or whatever. No huge bruises, but some very colourful ones and just a great day all 'round, really. I even had hats made for my Bunny Guard. :)

Oh, and for those that don't know, a Bunny Hunt is when - if a paintball trip is for a birthday or buck's/hen's night or whatever - the birthday boy/girl, the buck or hen or whoever is the focus of the day, gets to wear a white overall (as opposed to cams or just khaki) and some bunny ears and they go out and everyone goes after them. Depending on the size of the group, they usually have one or two people on their side (I had 3, two of which were Gaults, so I wasn't that worried) and the Bunny and his/her friends are immortal. The only limit to how much they can be shot is the ammo of the opposition and their pain threshold. The others, when they get shot, have to run to the far end of the field and touch the tape line, then they're back in. When I expressed my intention for the Bunny Hunt, and volunteered to be hunted, the ref actually asked if I was the full quid. That said, I didnae get hurt that bad. Although Cal did hit me right next to my nipple.


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