Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Totally Awesome!

Some of you are no doubt aware that since 2003 the guys at Penny Arcade have been holding an annual charity event called Child's Play that takes donations of toys (and money to buy toys) to give to children's hospitals in the the United States.

Only now, it's not just in the United States but also in Canada, the UK, Egypt and, fanfare please, Australia! Yup, the Sydney Children's Hospital and the Brisbane's Mater Children's Hospital have joined the fun.

In the past they have had entire pallets of Gamecubes donated (would that I had the cash to do that), and lots of other things.

The PA guys looks to be aiming for $500K in donations and, although it appears they only started at the beginning of November, they're already up to $260,000.

Great work, guys!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

please don't donate to the mater in brisbane, they are so negligent they don't deserve anything

6:50 PM  

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