Friday, January 21, 2005

Book 3

"King Of The Murgos" by David Eddings

And the adventure continues. In this instalment we meet up with Urgit the eponymous, half-barking King of the Murgos. The banter comes thick and fast again, and the interplay between Velvet and Sadi over the snake is very funny. There's more plotting and politics than you can shake a stick at and occasionally I felt like I needed a diagram to work out who was stabbing whom in the back and who was working with whom.

Of course, Eddings does continue to repeat himself on occasion when it comes to a few basic descriptions - it's not penons snapping anymore, and he's gotten over the Algar leather (possibly cause there ain't too many Algars in this one) - but a few phrases do keep cropping up. And he makes a mistake over the colour of a drug between this book and the next, but mayhap that's too nerdy to pick on.

All in all, my books continue to entertain and Gaiman is still winning overall.

Oh, and Carmen is now on 4 books read this year. :)


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