Saturday, January 22, 2005


And so it came to pass that the family of Bowens, with Carmen - the unofficial intended of Euan the Youngest Son - did journey in a rented Camry to the Great Sydney Airport so that the parental Bowens could begin their journey to the Land Of Eng.

And they did stop in a restaurant in Berrima wherein they dined hugely and well on a variety of foods and drinks, including an amazing spatchcock and a local ros(funny thing above it)e which, were it harnessed for the power of Sangria, might provide a means for controlling the Known Universe. After lunch, did they journey to Berkelouws', where before them had journeyed the likes of Mikhail Gorbachev, and wherein they did find many books - both old and merely used - that stimulated their minds and prompted them to relieve themselves of some filthy lucre. Following a modest search of the grounds for Carmen, and some mild sedative to rest her from the $450 folio edition of Milton's "Paradise Lost", the journey did continue.

Not without peril was their journey form hereon in, for they were met at all sides by Crazy Italian Women In Petrol Stations who appeared to Know Not that standing in front of a vacant pump while Going Through Their Garbage would vex and annoy those who wished the to use the pump. And set upon were they by Jacked Up 4x4s Driven By Morons who drove at speeds comparable to a snail until such time as one attempted to pass them, at which point they did deliberately and repeatedly speed up so as to make overtaking impossible.

But it came to pass that the Bowens - and Carmen - did laugh at these detractors and defeat them. Came they to the Port of Air in Sydney and deposited they their parents at the check-in counter, wherein many farewells were uttered and the young ones did return to their Camry and therein to Canberra.

All in all, not a bad day really. The drive didn't suck too much (4x4 dickheads notwithstanding), and lunch really was frickin' amazing. Perfect portion sizes and not bad coffee either. We didn't quite have to sedate Carmen to get her out of Berkelouws', but it was a close thing and as we left she seemed to muttering a mantra of "daytrip, daytrip, daytrip". Cal and I split the drive back and now it is time for me to go sleepies.

'Night, all...


Blogger NJKS said...

I really enjoyed the "biblical" version of your day! It was very creative, and so funny that I was laughing out loud. My husband has also noticed the "speed up to avoid overtaking" behavior here in Michigan. I guess it must be a world wide problem! Thanks for brightening my morning. I hope your parents have a marvelous trip.
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