Saturday, January 22, 2005

Book 4

"Demon Lord Of Karanda" by David Eddings

More Mallorean shenanigans, and more of the same for feedback. Eddings needs to accept that we know there is a focussing of wills when people are using their power, or at the very least find another way of saying it that isn't 'Garion felt the focussing of her will'. Seriously, give us some variety in description, dude. And I don't care what he may or may not say in the introduction to the Rivan Codex, Ce'Nedra still comes across as a character of narrative convenience.

3 out of 5, with an extra half for Sadi


Blogger mister z said...

are you gonna read LOTR within this 50 or did you get around to that already? i mean sounds like you're reading a bunch of the authors who read the authors who read the authors who read the authors who read Tolkien.... skip the supermarket and go straight for the cow's udders man! :-)

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