Thursday, March 24, 2005

27 today... or, at least, two wednesdays ago...

Wanna know how my birthday week ended up? Well, dinner at Cristophe's was fantastic. The casoulet (still spelling issues there) was particularly yummy, and lasted for a couple of days worth of lunches too. Then on saturnight (the 11th) we all descended on the poor bastards at the Polish White Eagle club for pirogi and Zwyfiec. We arrived at 7:00 and despite the sign saying that the bistro was open from 6:00, they had to switch on the lights for us. My little party (by little, I mean about 26 people) was literally the only one in the place. The usual suspects were there, as well as a couple of special guest stars from interstate and the theatre. Sam III even turned up, choosing my party as the deciding factor on which weekend he came to visit.

We drank them dry of Zwyfiec and moved on around 9:00. We may have stayed longer, but given that there were only two staff on - one of whom was crook with a bad back and theother of whom was her ride home - we decided to head to All Bar Nun.

And did we kick on? Did we, what! My happy glow from Polish beer and honey vodka was comfortably, if forcefully, shunted aside by a few more pints of Coopers and some very sweet, very smooth shots that were constructed for me by a very talented bartender. I assume, given that they just kinda kept appearing in front of me. In fact, three of them appeared at once at one point and my wonderful, caring friends insisted I down all three in a row. Mean bastards. We enjoyed the hospitality of the Nun until they closed - around 1am - and at that point Carmen, Ratti and I headed home. Sams IV and III and Eliane headed out to Trinity Bar. I don't know exactly what time Sam got in and neither does he. I have it on good authority that Sam III kept ruining Sam IV's chances with all the available ladies in Trinity. Or so I heard.


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