Sunday, April 03, 2005

Goodie Goodie Yum Yum!!!!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys about the Goodies! I saw them on the 10th of March with Cal, November, Carmen, Sam IV, Nick and Eliane and they were fuckin' awesome!

When we got the tickets - largely thanks to November, who bought a whole bunch of early-bird tickets on her credit card - we were very lucky. The first show they had sold out in 32hrs, and so they put on a second show - which also sold out. So we got tickets - quite early - and had a few weeks to think about it and I have to be honest and say that I was a little worried. My worry was that the show would be 3 sad old gits running around trying to prat fall without breaking their hips. I was a little worried.

However, when we got there and saw them... well, they just fuckin' rocked! It was basically a night of them answering e-mails, performing skits and showing a few of their own favourite clips. And I nearly hurt myself laughing. They did a radio show about Jack the Ripper that was classic, Graeme did some props comedy around "animals for children" that had me weeping with laughter and it was just the perfect show. Easily my equal favourite comedy gig I've ever seen, I was so very impressed with how they handled everything. Sure, they came out at the start in a 3-person walking frame, and then sat down in their own personalised chairs. Tim's was Union Jack covered, Bill's was flower-child-y and Graeme's was brown corduroy. Bill and Tim still look roughly the same, but Graeme is so very different.

These guys have been living and breathing comedy for so long, their delivery is as close to perfect as I've ever seen. Graeme is a natural straight man par excelence, Bill can misdirect like nobody's business and Tim's funny voices and characters are second to practically none. What can I say? These guys know their shit.

In case I'm being ambiguous, I want to say that this is one of the best nights of theatre I have ever enjoyed. I know a few people out there thought they were lame, and rested on their laurels (with the showing of video clips, et al), but I thought it was the perfect show for them to do. They addressed questions from their fanbase, were friendly and engaging and overall... fuck, it was great.

If you saw that show and thought they weren't good, or didn't make a decent impression, then you need to accept that you live in the real world and it's unlikely you'll be bombarded with shows that meet your apparently vertiginous standards. What do you expect when you see a piece of theatre? A spontaneous orgasm? Fireworks? Well, they had the fireworks, but come on... I honestly don't know what more one could've expected.

The Goodies get five crushed trandems out of five and thank god they came.


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