Thursday, March 24, 2005

Book 14

"Hollywood Trivia" by Aubrey Malone (or Dillon-Malone if you check my link)

An often amusing, sometimes shocking collection of lists of, you guessed it, Hollywod trivia. I actually read this a while ago, but I wasn't going to include it on my list. However, Ratti did, and given that she's my - for want of a better term - moral compass in these things, I guess it's okay.

A very cool book (and actually a birthday present from Cal to go with his contribution to the iPAQ), that will fill you with strange things to blurt out at dinner parties like the fact the Errol Flynn once worked as a slave trader in New Guinea or that Al Pacino made a citizen's arrest while filming Serpico.

Not exactly a rivetting or paradym-challenging work of art, but well worth five interesting factoids out of five for what it is. :)


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