Friday, March 25, 2005


I swear these things are addictive. Now I just have to limit myself to one or two a session...

The first one, and continuing the theme of not being proud of myself for taking the quiz? The Cunnilingus test gives me a rating of intermediate and 64%.

"Congratulations! You're quite the Cunnilinger. You know a couple of tricks and aren't full of yourself. You actually have some bragging rights, but then again, there is more to learn. Did you know about that alphabet trick? Did you realise more foreplay equals shorter tongue time? But be proud, you're well on the way to guru status!"

It seems I ranked higher for arrogance than technique. Dang. :)

There's also the Quick and Dirty Personality Test. It says I'm a champion (like we didn't already know that), and I got 100% for extrovert. Who'd'a picked it? :)

And finally for today, the Musical Theatre Knowledge Quiz. And did ten years of working the industry help me out? I guess not. I'm a Broadway Sleeper, at 45%. Maybe if I'd had a chance to see more theatre rather than just working on it, I'd get a better score. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the personality test is broken - It told me I'm 75% observant... Now that ain't right!

10:33 PM  

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