Monday, June 11, 2007

Blowing the dust off


All is darkness. Footsteps can be heard approaching. A key turns in a lock and a door opens. It's still all dark until, with a click, a beam of light stabs into the darkness and a torch sweeps the room. It shows glimpses of what the room holds. There are piles of dusty books (cyberpunk and comic fantasy predominate), stacks of DVDs and a dusty Xbox.
The torch lingers for a moment on a large poster showing five gorgeous women draped over each other, an Aston Martin DB9 and - strangely - a completely stainless-steel kitchen with 6-burner gas stove and magnetic knife strip over the bench. Another wall appears to be hung with a variety of weapons, including a large, angular handgun, a paintball marker and some ninja stars.

VOICE: Ah! Gotcha!

The overhead lights snap on and we see the ecclectic and slightly worrying mix of items in the over-large storeroom. There is a clear patch in the middle with a large TV, a collection of beaten-up sofas and a DVD player. The person who had been holding the torch is revealed to be a medium-tall redhead with a goatee, glasses and perhaps too much flesh on his frame. He looks around again and smiles.

MAN: Time to get back to it...



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