Friday, August 10, 2007

I helped edumacate me some peeps

Yup, at work today I helped deliver some training to the newbies today. I won't go into details about the application in questions, cause really it would mean very little to most of you (except the ones that work at IP Australia), but I can say that it was a bunch of fun. Did I say fun? I meant kinda scary to begin with and then not too bad once we got into the flow of things.

I think it was useful for the noobs too, although they're at the stage of training where they've got information overload so I'm not entirely sure. The problem with giving info on a new system is that (assuming it's a well-designed system) actually saying the words seems to be redundancy itself, but when the people actually do it there's often little blobs of confusion with the order of how you go about things. But, overall, I'd like to think that we helped. : )


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