Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It's all different... what does this button do?

Well met, amigos mios. Havenae talked to ye in ages, 'ey?

Well, in my defence, I have been a smidge busy. What with having to write a completed draft of the creative side of my Masters by the end of May (I'm at about 17000 words and steadily counting) and working on the Australian Ballet at the Canberra Theatre (backstage, naturally, as I am so very not fit or graceful enough to be a ballet dancer).

Of course, given that the Ballet is a world premiere and so a lot of lighting has had to be plotted from scratch, much of our work has been; set up for 'x' movement/scene, then go to the tea room and play Scrabble. And get paid for it! In fact, I got four hours worth of thesis writing done last Tuesday night and got paid double time by the theatre to do it.

Sometimes my life does not entirely suck. :)

All this extra work also means I can get new glasses to replace the broken and super-glue-marked pair I am currently wearing. It hurts the brain when yer glasses occasionally spit out one lens, so yer right eye is in focus and yer left isn't. The tow eyes argue about which way to go and... well... it just kinda hurts yer brain.
I've been continuing my Elmore Leonard fest, and have finished La Brava, Cuba Libre and am currently reading Bandits. Great books that are readable to the point of losing time.

On the pop-culture front, there's not so much to report. I've been unplugged for a while, as I think I've said. One thing (or two things, really) I can offer you are these two gems. They're annoying and get in your head and are oh so cute. I apologise if ye've already seen 'em, but I think they're awesome. :) I've also pre-bought Harry Potter 3 (The Prisoner Of Azkaban) tickets, and will be seeing it on June 10th when it comes out. Much fun, I'm sure. And I've been persuing the 2nd season of The Sopranos in my brief moments of spare time (usually while eating).

And really, that's not even a bit of what I've been up to, but there's too much to catch up on right now and I've got creativeness to write...

Four things I've learned recently;

  1. The only dumb question is the one ye don't ask.

  2. Try yelling 'stop', rather than 'hang on', if you want the fly-men to stop.

  3. Pianos are really heavy.

  4. Say what you want about Delia Smith, her bechemal recipe is foolproof.

"We're good!"
"Yes we are!"
- Connor and Murphy MacManus, Boondock Saints

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Intellectual jokes...

Two of, one philosophical, one mathematical.

So, Descartes, Satre and Socrates are all sitting around a table in a fantastic restaurant. They start with a wonderfully light seafood bisque, followed by a pallette-cleansing lemon sorbet, a rich pesto and pine nut gnocchi and, finally, a warm beef salad. They are all enjoying a post-dinner cigar when the waitress comes around with the sweet trolley. She asks Descartes if he would like some dessert, to which he replies;
"I think not." Then he vanishes.

A sexy, lady donut is sitting at a bar and a sleazy danish slides up to her.
"So what's your sign, baby," he slurs.
The donut gives him a withering glare.
"Duh. I'm a Taurus."