Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Best Site In The Universe

You need to go to this site. Here's just one small example of the kind of humour you can expect.

Semper Fi on line

If you don't recognise the name R Lee Ermey, you'll almost definitely recognise his face. Head here to his official web site and enjoy.

O. M. F. G.

This guy needs to watch out for the too much time police, but holy crap it's funny.

Slightly different

It is possible I am not our average, Australian, 26-year-old male.

I got home from work today and kicked back with a hot bath, some chorizo on Jatz[TM], a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer and a copy of "A Short History Of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson.

An' you know what?

Didn't suck.

Monday, May 22, 2006

And Carmen is...

Your results:You are Luke Skywalker

You value your friends and loved ones, but can
sometimes act recklessly because of your emotions.
Occasionally you resort to whining.
You look ahead to great things for yourself.

Luke Skywalker 67%
Han Solo 64%
Chewbacca 59%
Lando Calrissian 59%
C-3PO 57%
Princess Leia 56%
Mace Windu 56%
Jar Jar Binks 55%
R2-D2 53%
Yoda 53%

(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)
Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Quiz

More yoinkings of meme

Your results:You are R2-D2

What you lack in height and communication skills,
you make up for in industriousness, technical
know-how and being there when others need you most.

R2-D2 68%
Chewbacca 68%
Luke Skywalker 67%
Han Solo 67%
Obi-Wan Kenobi 64%
Padme 63%
Princess Leia 62%
Qui-Gon Jinn 60%
Yoda 60%
Jar Jar Binks 57%

(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)
Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Quiz

Songs as Lists

Found this wee post over at Ratti's gaff.

So I thought I'd give it a try;

Individual In Question;
Mac The Knife (aka MacHeath)

Individual's Activities;
Sneaking around corners (confirmed)
Spending like a sailor (confirmed)
Something rash (unconfirmed)

Items Involved & Their Purpose (where known);
Jack knife (kept out of sight)
Fancy gloves (to avoid traces of red)
Tug boat (for dropping cement bag)
Cement bag (for weight)

Other Persons Involved (& Their Actions);
Unknown body (oozing red)
Louie Miller (disappeared - believed deceased)
Sukey Tawdry (unknown - believed deceased)
Jenny Diver (unknown - believed deceased)
Polly Peachum (unknown - believed deceased)
Lucy Brown (unknown - believed deceased)

Neat links from Owen

Ever wondered what other countries think animals sound like? Well, no you can find out.

Do you like your movies fun and crap? This could be the one for you! With nifty Parkour action!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hullo, all!!

Guess, what!? I'm in Melbourne!

I've taken my first ever paid leave, and I've finally gotten my arse down to visit Sam IV and Unky Gra Gra. It's only taken me four years to get down here to visit the once-hairy one and of course he's just got a job in Sydney, so I was 6 weeks off missing him entirely.

Last Saturday I hopped a coach to Cootamundra (cause there's no direct rail link between Canberra and Melbourne) and from there I got a train to Melbourne. First of all, let me just say that I love train travel. It's so relaxing and steady, without any accompanying nausea if you try to read. I'd also like to say the Stephen Fry's reading of the Harry Potter books is incredible. Now, back to my trip...

Graham (at whose place I am staying) met me at the train station (formerly Spencer Street, now Melbourne Southern Cross because they put a new roof on it) and then took me straight to the Malthouse Theatre where we attended the premiere of the show he'd just sunk 80 hours into in one week. I enjoyed the show, although I think it still needed a couple more polishes. The acting was excellent and the ideas presented interesting, but it didn't grip me as well as I think it could have.

Of course, what opening night would be complete without an after-show soiree and I'd like to recommend the mini-burgers and chicken and leak pies. Also, it was the first of such things I've been too where they also had dessert. Mini lemon meringue pies (which I missed out on... now I have a craving... [cranes neck at café cake fridge]) and these amazing chocolate and raspberry brownies. They where about the size of an eraser (or a 9 volt battery? Just a bit more square) and soooo rich. Very, very good.

Following that, we dumped my stuff back at Graham's house, which is simple awesome. It's across the road from Edinburgh park, has a MASSIVE kitchen (in which I'm making pizza tomorrow for dinner) and is just reall groovy. Not to mention that it's also a pleasant stroll to Brunswick Street and other trendy locales. We topped off the night with a ginger martini at a bar called, oddly enough, Ginger and I have to say that despite sitting on my bum for the majority of the day, I was a very tired Euan when I eventually went to bed.

I'll sign off now (my chicken tenderloins are getting cold) and see you later...

Friday, May 05, 2006


I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow!

I'm gonna see Gra and Sam IV and Bobbi and all kindsa people and theatre and cafés and stuff!!

Very excited!


To the guy in the white Fairlane who was in front of me on the way home yesterday;

You only have to slow down or stop for amber and red lights. GREEN MEANS GO!!!!


Monday, May 01, 2006

Go here.

I know I'm late and slow and everthing, but YouTube is awesome!

It's just loaded with nifty videos (and I think some episodes of TV). I havenae worked out how to save 'em yet (assuming you can), but they load quickly and the star ratings actually mean something. Just dip in and have a poke around.