Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Buck's

Yup, yesterday and yesternight was my Buck's Day/Night thing and it was bloody brilliant!!

It started around 11:45 when, waiting in Babar's and sipping a coffee while dressed in a natty business suit and tie (as per instructions) I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice say "Mr Bowen, I think you should come with us". I looked up to see Mssrs Akhurst and Collins, similarly attired in dark suits and dark glasses. Mr Akhurst twitched aside the right lapel of his jacket to reveal a shoulder holster contianing a flourescent water pistol. Owen had his in his hand with a newspaper draped over it and Tim was on crowd control. I got up (as one would), trying desperately not to grin like an idiot, and was led to where Callum had just parked the Sera and got out. Being led into a gull-wing car by two guys in dark glasses did draw a few looks (and I'm going to be checking the RiotACT to see if there's mention of it) and that was also pretty cool.

So, we headed to the driving range for the (hopefully) first annual Yakuza golf day, with a small but select group of us partaking of the aforesaid driving range's facilities while clad in our gangster suits. There was Cal, myself and our Dad, Owen and Nick, Tim, Barry and Sam IV (Who came over from Perth thanks to heaps of machinations and behind the scenes plannings by Callum and Mum) and Jared.

After driving we headed to the Sizzle Bento Sushi train and then, after a change to more casual clothings, we headed to the Secret Location of The Party Itself (aka Chishome). We got there about 15:30 and. It. Was. Tops!!

Now, the evening wasn't one of your standard "Blow on the coffee table, vomit in the corners and dead hookers to dispose of" Buck's Nights, oh no. This was a practically-perfectly, tailored-just-for-Euan CARNIVAL!!! There was a foosball table (which we now own), a pinball machine, shooting games, a slurpie machine with frozen daiquaris and, get this, SHOW BAGS!!!!

Lots of people came over, some of whom I haven't seen in ages, and it was a blast. There were luchidor masks in some of the showbags (the Mexican wrestlers, think Nacho Libre), chico rolls and hot dogs, tequila shots, poker and Halo on a projector screen. Large amounts of alcohol were consumed and the party itself didn't break up until around 12:30 - 01:00, so let's hear it for the staying power!

Callum and Owen C and Mum and Dad and Tom and everyone else involved in putting the day together did an absolutely amazing job! I had a great time, got quite majorly drunk (though not as drunk as some peoples) and overall it was exactly the Buck's Night I wanted to have. Strippers and police involvement and passing out in puddles of ones own effluent might be alright for some, but I have to thank my Bro for putting together an awesome, Euan-specific event.