Sunday, January 28, 2007

My 3rd Blog...

I've got me a MySpace now, but mainly so I can be Friends with other MySpace users. For those of you that can't find the link to your left, my MySpace URL is;

So now all you guys with MySpaces should start making me your friend.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes - Post 2

The List got a bit of a tweak...

Golden Globes - Post 1

We're two awards in and thanks to Mssrs Clooney and Timberlake, it's entirely possible that we have a running gag already.

And the winner is... Leonardo DiCaprio (we're talking Best Supporting Actress and Best Song here, so no spoilers yet)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Best. Bond. Ever.


I know that some people out there are going "blah blah blah Sean Connery blah blah blah original and best blah blah blah" but they're the same people who haven't bought a new album in 30 years and refuse to get a DVD player because they "don't see the point".

OK, maybe my liking of Brosnan over the last few years (including the patently crap films) has caused me to be over being told my opinion is wrong, but Daniel Craig blows them both out of the water. He's suave, he's smooth and he can get down and dirty in a fight scene like few actors can. He's also, and I say this as a straight guy who speaks without attraction but with a huge amount of jealousy, supremely hot. Smokin' hot.

The movie itself isn't perfect, but none of them have ever been and this one is a damn sight closer than most. The pacing is taught (except for the "has it ended, or hasn't it" final reel, but that's forgivable), the stunts are great and the babes are gorgeous. From the grainy black and white of the pre-title sequence, to the frickin' awesome title sequence itself, you know Bond is back and better than ever.

It's also an origin story and love origin stories. This one is smoothly told and also - and don't tell me this is a gimme - pretty well acted too. Judi Dench continues to be the coolest M ever and the other supporting cast are solid and watchable. And then there's Mr Daniel "Kill you as soon as look at you" Craig himself. How is he?

Best. Bond. Ever.

It's dirty, violent, harsh and almost had me crying. Why? Cause they trashed an Aston Maritn DBS, that's why! Bastards.

Throw in a little free running and Vesper's "I want them to be watching you, not me" dress and you've got an enjoyable, rollicking, awesome freight-train of a film that's few failings are more than smashed to little bits by its many, many successes.

Four and a half Walther P99s out of 5.