Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's Groovy & Addictive

I'm just not entirely sure why...

It's funny what you find clicking links on the Penny Arcade site.
For example, this little thing. Of course, I say "little thing", but I think it's, like, a Masters Thesis or something. Check it out.

The Whiteboard

As a comic reader and ocassional paintballer, I should've found The Whiteboard a long time ago. I am, however, attempting to make up for lost time and am working my way through the archives. In so doing, I came across this one, and have to say that the third panel is as close to a perfect summation of my thought processes the first couple of times I played than I have ever seen.

Question 3/20

Hmmm... I think I know, but I'm enjoying the games...

Do you have a double-barrel last name?

Hang in there, Hamster!

For the two Top Gear fans out there that haven't heard, Richard Hammond has been severely injured in an accident while filming a segment for the show. Although he had to be cut from the wreckage of the Vampire jet car, and suffered a "significant" brain injury during the crash, he has since walked, albeit "shakily", and has spoken and smiled.

I'm not a religious guy, so I won't join my prayers with those from fans around the world, but I will say I share in Jeremy Clarkson's hopes that they get their Hamster back.

Personality testings

Now with bar graphs...

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